Sac Steam
Harry Mossman, Webmaster

Sac Steam

Although this website mostly supports the Sacramento Steampunk Society and the Steamatorium group, tentatively known as the Steamatorium Tinkers Union, it is independent of those organizations.

Americana Celebration in Old Sacramento
(Replaces Gold Rush Days hopefully only this year.)

Join us for the Americana Celebration on Labor day Monday Sept 1st. Meet up spot will be the Wells Fargo office (hopefully the red stage coach will be there again) and let's shoot for 10:30 to 11 am. No official organized lunch though let's shoot for 1:00 meal time and the status will be EWEYL (Eat Where Ever You'd Like).

Steamatorium Halloween Party:

Only three months to the next Steamatorium Halloween party. If you want to join in the fun of adding to and improving the Steamatorium in preparation for the Halloween party Friday October 24th please email Alexander Watt Babbage (Doug Hack at and he will invite you to a planning meeting/work/social. As always, there is a degree of mysterious secrecy about the exact location of the Steamatorium in Rio Linda.